Rotary Crocus Campaign
Rotary Crocus Campaign

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The Crocus can be used in many ways to raise funds and awareness:

1. Street Collection Box



100 Crocuses and information cards

Money box and neck strap


Where to Use:  

Collections outside supermarkets, hospitals, shopping and garden centres, and on the High Street.


Average hourly distribution:  20 Crocuses

2. Counter Top Collection Box



50 Crocuses and information cards

Money box and security tag


Where to Use:

Doctors surgeries, pharmacies, hospital receptions, garden centres and shops.


Straightforward and low risk:

Site can be pre-arranged before you order.  Simply leave the box on the counter (secured with the security tag) and it will be your 'silent' fundraiser.


Average distribution:  35 Crocuses / month

3. Rotary Crocus in Schools


We’ve teamed up with Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland's Youth Services committee to develop a Grow Your Own Crocus project for primary schools (ages 4-11). 


Each child gets to grow their own crocuses in take home pots, learn about the polio eradication programme and Rotary’s central role in it, as well as help to fundraise.


It’s a great way to build or develop links between your Club and your local schools.


Currently only available in the UK (see Schools for details)

4. Special Events


Crocuses are perfect for using at any special event.  So far they've been used at weddings, dinners, fun runs, debating competitions, concerts.  But this is just the start...

5. and don't forget... use the Crocuses at all your Clubs calendar of events - at meetings, as gifts to visiting Rotarians, when you visit other clubs as well as any other events your club organises.

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