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Rotary Crocus Campaign

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Why use the Crocus?

The Rotary Crocus is a great way to energise the End Polio Now Campaign.  

1. It Works, and its fun!


It's already raised around £1,000,000 for Polio immunisation. 


It's such a beautiful flower that it will get people's heads turning!

2. High Returns on Investment


Crocuses cost £0.39 (US$0.50). 


The average donation is £1 (US$1-5 in the US). 


The Gates Foundation will triple everything Rotary raises. 


In the UK each Crocus raises around £3 for Polio immunisation, representing an 8 x return on investment.

3. Raises funds from the wider community rather than just from Rotarians

4. Raises awareness for Rotary and the End Polio Now Campaign


Each Crocus comes on an information card which briefly and clearly tells the story of the eradication programme and Rotary’s pivotal role. 


When people wear the Crocus, they become walking adverts triggering countless conversations.   The information card gives the wearer of the Crocus the answer to the question 'that’s a nice flower, what's it for?’

5. Help to recruit new members through contacts with businesses and schools as a result of the placement of boxes

6. It's easy!

We all know a shop or business where we could place a box of Crocuses.  All you need to do is to ask the manager and then leave the box for a month or so.  It will be your silent fundraiser. 


Don't worry about asking - the boxes are small, unobtrusive and tried and tested.  Tens of thousands of outlets, all over the world, take boxes exactly like these!

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