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Energising the End Polio Now Campaign

Polio kills and paralyses young children. It spreads like wild-fire. 


There’s no cure but it can be easily prevented through immunisation.


25 years ago, polio struck 350,000 children each year.  Thanks to the work of Rotary and others, there were only 74 cases in 2015.


We are ‘this close’ to a polio free world.  With your help we can make history and conquer polio.

The Rotary Crocus Campaign launches at the perfect time. 


In April 2013, at the Global Vaccine Summit, the final 6 year plan for the Polio eradication programme was announced and funding secured for three quarters of its US$5.5 billion budget. 


The Rotary Crocus will help to energise the End Polio Now Campaign with a fresh, exciting and very effective fundraising and awareness building tool. 


It will also establish in the public’s mind, Rotary’s pivotal role in the eradication programme.

all donations tripled

Thanks to the generosity of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation every £1 Rotary gives for Polio immunisation will be increased to £3.


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